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On the track you build up to become better and better from a junior and suddenly you win big races and you do that for a while. It’s totally the same [on the road] - you come from zero. That’s the best thing about being a sportsman. Winning is not the only motivation, there is also the process of improving and being on the road to the top. When you look back, those are the best moments; not necessarily crossing the line in first position or having a lot of people cheering for you, but making those steps.

Theo Bos on riding in this year’s Amgen Tour Of California. He finished fourth in yesterday’s stage.

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Theo Bos destroying the Keirin field at the 2006 World Championships.

Yesterday, I blogged about Theo’s comments on leaving the track behind. Well this video is one reason why he will be missed. Who else is going to make amazing wins like this one?

I prefer the regularity of road racing… On the track it’s one big race per season and it’s difficult to focus all year on that. But on the road it’s a totally different lifestyle. You have a target in front of you, and then another and another. If a race doesn’t work out, you have another chance the next day, or the day after.

Theo Bos on leaving his track racing career for the road.

Hey Boss, maybe you should try coming to California. We’ve got track races all year ‘round for ya!

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Track Champion Theo Bos Competing In Paris-Roubaix

With six World Championship titles and an Olympic silver medal, “The Boss” has definitely proven himself on the smooth surface of the velodrome. Now let’s see how he fares on the cobblestone terrain of Paris-Roubaix this Sunday.

Definitely not a race to be missed. I think it will be covered on Versus or Universal Sports so tune in!

Found at Cycling News.

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