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Sunday Cinema!

Shooting Robert King

I haven’t seen this doc yet so I can’t say how good (or bad) it is but it looks pretty interesting. I will be watching it this evening when I can take a load off and veg out on the couch. The film follows the growth of a young war photographer over 15 years and three wars. Here’s what they say about it…

« Robert King, a naïve 24-year old budding war photographer sets out to become the youngest ever Pulitzer Prize winner for his photojournalism. In this extraordinary and compelling film Robert King resembles a heroic misfit straight out of the pages of Evelyn Waugh’s ‘Scoop’, thrown into the heart of battle, struggling to adapt to the brutal environment he finds himself in. Occasionally comic, often touching, more often dark, Shooting Robert King is a unique and personal journey, filmed over 15 years and across three warzones. »

If you’ve seen it (or if you watch it now), leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Sunday Cinema…


Honestly, this is probably the best movie on Hulu right now and it’s a real masterpiece. Take a (long) break from whatever you’re doing and watch. Enjoy. Seriously. I can’t even say anything else. Just watch it. Here’s the descrip…

Akira Kurosawa’s brilliantly conceived retelling of Shakespeare’s King Lear magically mixes Japanese history, Shakespeare’s plot and Kurosawa’s own feelings about loyalty in the epic masterpiece, RAN. Set in 16th century Japan, RAN relates the tale of how an aging ruler, Lord Hidetora (Tatsuya Nakadai), announces his intention to divide his land equally among his three sons. Hidetora’s decision to step down unleashes a power struggle among the three heirs when he falls prey to the false flattery bestowed upon him by the two older sons and banishes the youngest for speaking the truth. That ruthless betrayal ultimately drives Hidetora insane, destroying his entire family and kingdom. Deep human emotion and outstanding acting combine to create one of the most acclaimed foreign films of all time.

Sunday Cinema…


Further to my last post, every Sunday I post a feature length flick for you to take a break from riding and enjoy. This week I’m proud to present the classic messenger movie Quicksilver! If you’re reading this blog, chances are you may have heard of it already. If you haven’t seen it, see it! Such a great eighties masterpiece from the cabbie vs. courier race with Nelson Vails to the part where Kevin Bacon decides to help out Paul Rodriguez on the stock market (at which point the whole movie kinda goes downhill). Need a Kevin Bacon-related drinking game? Everyone takes a shot every time the bike he’s riding switches from brakeless fixie to a coastie single speed and back again. That’ll get you nice and toasty. So watch the trailer above and then head to Crackle to watch Quicksilver for free!

Sunday Cinema: Easy Rider

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than with a trip across these great United States? This flick — co-written and directed by the late and great Dennis Hopper (who also stars) — is a perfect counter-cultural ode to America. This is one of the best movie of the sixties (probably my favorite decade for movies) and essential viewing for pretty much everyone. So before heading out to the fireworks tonight, check the trailer above and then go watch Easy Rider for free on Crackle. Happy 4th Of July!

I love Los Angeles. Mostly cuz of the citizens. LA — thriving on the business of show — is home to some of the most amazing characters. Always has been. So today I’m watching an amazing documentary about the folks of Los Angeles.

Mondo Hollywood

A super-psychedelic sixties documentary featuring the freaks, the geeks, the stars and the beats that make Hollywood (and all of Los Angeles) so unique. A-listers to D-listers all share the spotlight in this crazy trip through LA. Surfing in Malibu. Riots in Watts. Tripping in Topanga. Monsters in Hollywood! Hit play on the video above and you’ll see why some call it Hollyweird.

Also features an awesome psych soundtrack.

I know it’s Father’s Day and all but this weekend for Cinema Sundays I want to flip the script and show…

Mommie Dearest

…which I guess is kind of relevant because Faye Dunaway's portrayal of Joan Crawford as a mother is so f’ed up that it will probably make you scared of parents in general. In fact (to put it in movie critic terms) Mommie Dearest does for families what Jaws did for oceans.

Not interested? Good, now go spend some time with your dad.

This week on Cinema Sundays


I watched the 90’s movie Hackers the other day which got me to thinking about this 80’s computer geek classic. Ferris Bueller plays your average all-american computer hacker who gets himself into a little bit of trouble playing video games with NORAD. Now it’s up to him and his naysaying friend-who-is-a-girl to save the world from thermonuclear history.

Watch it above for free!

This week for Cinema Sunday I’ve got a great flick to show you…

Dogtown And Z-Boys

This is a great documentary about how a bunch of kids from Venice, CA radically changed the sport of skateboarding forever. We’ve seen this same type of revolutionizing happen in a lot of sports such as BMX and more recently in fixed gear cycling. Instead of shunning those who are doing things differently then we’re used to, we need to accept changes like these as the evolution of the sports we love. It keeps the game alive and thriving and that’s the most important thing. The Z-Boys are legends in their own right and this documentary is a serious inspiration.

So watch the trailer above and then go watch the movie for FREE on Crackle!

A website dedicated to the support and growth of grassroots track cycling, the comradery and heritage of the worldwide velodrome circuit and the roots and culture of fixed gear bicycle racing.

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