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Sunday Cinema:

The Corporation

Perhaps the most frightening vision of a dystopian world overrun by corruption and greed. Must see. Watch it for free on Hulu.

Sunday Cinema:


George Orwell's dystopian vision of the future. Watch the trailer above and then watch it for free on Google.

Sunday Cinema

THX 1138

A true masterpiece from George Lucas (his first feature-length film). Hit play! You are in for a real treat.

Sunday Cinema:

They Live

Awesome awesome awesome movie from John Carpenter. Totally classic! Click play on the trailer above and then watch it for free on Google.

Sunday Cinema:

Wonder Boys

It’s Sunday. Take a break. Sit down and hit play. Great movie. Excellent cast. Cool soundtrack (Bob Dylan FTW). Fun to watch. Nice!

During a single hectic weekend, college professor Grady Tripp (Michael Douglas, Wall Street) scrambles to gather together a life that has suddenly reeled out of control. Along for the ride are his gifted but troubled student (Tobey Maguire, Spiderman), his eccentric editor (Robert Downey Jr, Iron Man), the married chancellor of his university (Frances McDormand, Fargo) who is pregnant with his child and his sultry student boarder (Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise’s wife).

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Sunday Cinema:


Today I’ll be down at San Diego Velodrome racing for the San Diego Cup. But when I get back home I’m gonna sit back and relax and probably hit play on this movie. It’s about a contract killer (William H. Macy) going through mid-life crisis.

I’ve not seen the entire thing yet. Just bits and pieces here and there — the non-linear timeline didn’t ruin much for me — and I was immediately attracted to its stark, muted style and dialog that plays out like David Mamet on dopamine. I’m excited to see this movie in its entirety. Definitely has a big promising cast and it just seems like one of those flicks that was just too emotionally complex (i.e. not dumb enough) for any major studio to take on with marketing. One of those hidden gems that just gets lost in the noise. So give it a shot. Hit play. Enjoy.

Have you guessed the theme of this month’s Sunday Cinemas yet?

Sunday Cinema:


This week, a super-stylish remake of a 1960’s classic with Jude Law taking up Michael Caine's titular character. The story of a guy finding out what it's all about. It's actually pretty good. Hit play to watch it for free!

Can you tell what the theme is of this month’s Sunday Cinemas yet?

Sunday Cinema:


Before Boyz N The Hood, before Menace II Society and before Juice… there was Youngblood. This 1978 indie flick came too late to catch the blaxploitation craze and too early for the wave of gangsta-rap inspired hood movies in the 80’s and 90’s. Given that most blaxploitation flicks were about grown-ups, this is arguably one of the first growing-up-in-the-hood films ever produced.

I already watched the first bit of Youngblood last night. It’s definitely not the greatest flick. You can tell they didn’t have much of a budget and the script coulda used a little help but the the actors are decent and the real draw for me was the excellent soundtrack by War. Despite its shortcomings flick is real, rugged and raw and shows us a side of Los Angeles culture that most big-budget flicks ignored until crack pipes and gangsta rap made it controversial again. So hit play and give Youngblood a shot. Let me know what you think!

Sunday Cinema:

Stand By Me

If you’ve been following this blog for more than seven days then you might have noticed that every Sunday I like to post up a movie recommendation that you can stream for free (from site like Hulu or Crackle, etc). It just brings a nice ending to the week to be able to chill out and watch a flick (if you don’t mind the ads that interrupt your cinematic experience… hey, it’s the internet).

This week I’m presenting Stand By Me, the classic coming-of-age story penned by Stephen King and starring one of the best 80’s casts ever assembled (including River Pheonix, Kiefer Sutherland, Corey Feldman and Wil Wheaton). If you’ve seen it, it’s probably been a long time since the last time you watched it. If you haven’t seen it, you were probably born in the 90’s. So check out the trailer above and then go watch Stand By Me for free on Crackle.

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