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Four years ago today, Chris Hoy attempted to break the Kilometer World Record at a high-altitude track in La Paz, Bolivia. The record was ridden by French track cyclist Arnaud Tournant at 58.875 seconds and set at the same track. Tournant’s amazing record-breaking ride was the first recorded Kilo TT to come in under a minute.

On May 12th of 2007, Hoy rode his Kilo attempt in 59.103 seconds. The second Kilo time ever recorded under a minute — but he did not break Tournant’s World Record. Amazingly, he returned to the track the very next day to try it again…

To this day there have only been three Kilo TT’s recorded under the minute mark — and it’s excruciating how close the top two are. Watch Hoy’s second ride to see just how close the margin is that separates these two track legends.

For tips on how to improve your own Kilo TT time, check out this great article at Kissena Track Racing.

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