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The Radrennbahn took 30 months to build and opened on the 14th June 1953. Despite the an opening attendance of 15,000 spectators it soon became clear that cycling events alone would not bring in enough revenue. Numerous other events were staged at the venue but bad weather had a major impact on attendance. Even boxing events, basketball matches with the Harlem Globetrotters or the bag-pipers of British Military Tattoo failed to bring in sufficient money.

It is argued that the project ‘Bielefeld Radrennbahn’ failed for a number of reasons:
. The planned multi function stadium was never built.
. The lack of overhead track cover.
. The post war building difficulties Germany experienced.
. The lack of a local cycling hero to bring in the crowds and investment.
. The lack of sponsorship.

Photos and text by Mark Harris.

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