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Back with another one of those track-rockin’ beats! Personally I prefer the extended version I posted last week but damn this video is rad.
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Adding this to my playlist.
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I’m digging this music video. Makes me wish I was tearing up the roads with a buddy instead of sick in bed with a 103-degree fever.
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This video reminded that I gotta post more music on this site. So sick!

Found on Dada Robotnik.
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This Europop music video made for the Zürich Six Day is hilarious. Theo! Theo!

Watch the Zürich Six Day live right now.

Found on Urban Bixi.

So these people threw a rave in a velodrome in Trikala, Greece. Breakkore!

This is so rad! Sir Mix-A-Lot droppin’ rhymes at the Los Angeles Olympic Velodrome circa 1994. The track is bangin’ too!

Found it on Go Means Go.

I love Kraftwerk. This interview is pretty funny. Enjoy!

Sorry about the lack of updates today. I’ll be back online tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s some great old Howlin’ Wolf.

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