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A bunch of my friends were involved in the making of this Dickies ad. SELLOUTS! Ha ha!

I love you guys.

It’s Sunday Cinema! I’ve been working all weekend. Yesterday I pulled a 16-hour shift. Today I’ll be taking a ride in the morning, then I gotta go to work again before I can finally take a load off and watch…


A documentary about the infamous Black Label Bicycle Club NY (this documentary being the source of a lot of that infamy). It’s more of a docu-drama really. The film is kinda like a teen high school flick with Bike Kill instead of the homecoming dance and tallbike jousting instead of football. Also lots of beer, drugs, blood, noise-punk (Japanther and Lightning Bolt all over the soundtrack) and a bunch of dirty lefty hipster beatniks. What’s not to love? It’s awesome. Watch the first couple minutes above and then watch the rest at SnagFilms.

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