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Amazing news! Twenty-one year old Jack Bobridge has smashed Chris Boardman's “unbeatable” record time in the 4000-meter Individual Pursuit at Dunc Gray Velodrome during the Australian National Chamionships — setting a new World Record time of 4:10.534.

Chris Boardman’s previous record was set in fifteen years ago in 1996 at 4:11.114 — however it is not recognized by the UCI as Boardman had used the now-banned Superman position to achieve it (see pic below). So for fifteen years, Boardman’s unattainable super-record has stood. Up until today, the closest anyone had to Boardman’s time was Bobridge’s previous World Record timing at 4:14.427 set last year (ironically, that time was also beaten today at Australian Nationals). That’s four seconds outside the margin set today!

So if Chris Boardman was Superman, then I guess that means Jack Bobridge is Kryptonite. Big congratulations, Jackie! Amazing.

The only shame with this news is that the Individual Pursuit event has recently been removed from the Olympic and consequentially is barely even competed at World Cup events this year. Does that mean Jack Bobridge might be the final Individual Pursuit World Record holder?

Read more about Bobridge’s reactions to his new World Record at Cycling News.

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