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1993 World Championships - Keirin

This is a brutal Keirin tournament filled with lots of drama. Main contenders include Frederic Magné from France, Marty Nothstein (who’s now the race director at T-Town), Australia’s Gary Neiwand and defending champ Michael “The Beast From The East” Huebner. Watch it and enjoy.

1993 World Championships - Men’s Sprint Final

This one is a great Match Sprint between the beastly German Michael Hübner and Australia’s Gary Neiwand. T-Town’s Marty Nothstein also makes an appearance in the semi-final against Hübner.

Another cool race video from the 1995 World Cup at the Adelaide Super-Drome.

Darryn Hill vs. Gary Neiwand in the Match Sprint final.

Keirin Final from the 1995 UCI World Cup Classics at the Adelaide Super-Drome in Australia.

This is an awesome Keirin. Not only because of the incredible finish but also for all the aggressive riding and positioning that happens behind the pacing derny. A great race to watch!

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