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2010 European Champs - Sir Chris Hoy vs. Felix English

So far, this is the only video I can find of Chris Hoy getting his ass handed to him by 18-year old Felix English. The footage starts right on the last lap so we get to see right where Hoy made his big blunder. I bet he’s kicking himself on that one!

Complete results from the European Championships are available here.

European Champs Update

The big news from the Euro Championships yesterday is that Sir Chris Hoy was beaten out of the Sprint tournament in the first round by 18-year old Irish rider Felix English.

Apparently Hoy was just too confident. Thinking he had his opponent beat, Hoy let up in the last half lap of the sprint to conserve his energy for the rest of the day. The young Irishman closed the gap and beat Hoy by half a wheel length. Huge facepalm for Chris Hoy — especially considering that he reluctantly turned down the Commonwealth Games to compete in this tournament for the Olympic qualification points.

Felix English, who’s usually a road racer and was just competing at European Champs for the experience, was probably the most shocked. He had the slowest qualifying 200m time of the day — over a second slower than Hoy’s 9.999 second 200m time. The final sprint of their race was even slower at 11.752 seconds. Lucky kid!

Anyway, Denis Dmitriev from Russia won the men’s Sprints. Sandie Clair of France won the women’s side of things. For full results check here.

The Keirin tournament, Madison and the rest of the Omnium events will be contested today to conclude the 2010 European Track Cycling Championships. Live feeds are available!

» Live broadcast session 1. Starts at 1am Pacific Time.

» Live broadcast session 2. Starts at 9am Pacific Time.

Photos taken from British Cycling on Flickr.

P.S. Don’t forget to change your clocks this morning. Fall Back!

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