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My buddy Zachary has some seriously deadly taste with a fine-tuned attention to detail. That’s what it takes to be a real trackie. I just love this build on his Bianchi D2 which he races up at Hellyer Park Velodrome. I even love the pairing of the Campy crank with the Suntour chainring — although I hear he’s getting some Campy rings.

Either way, such a clean track machine. Nice work, Zach!

See the bigger picture at The Jaguar Shark.

Bianchi: The Winning Story

This is a circa-1993 Bianchi demo video which was probably used for displays at trade shows or bike shops. Lots of great race footage from the olden days.

Coincidentally, there’s an original VHS copy of this video on Ebay right now. I was going to get it and throw it up on the internetz but I guess someone beat me to it.

Found on La Gazzetta. Also check some great photos from the Bianchi archives.

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