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Lulz at this Aussie TV spot for the Commonwealth Games last month.

A little feature on Kaarle McCulloch — who won the Women’s Team Sprint today at the Commonwealth Games with teammate Anna Meares. She will be riding at the Track Cycling World Cup in Melbourne this December.

We’ve got the natural talent but they need support… All these little investments, all these little adjustments, all these little improvements are going to make a huge difference in the future for this team and this sport.

— Australian World Champion Anna Meares, referring to a not-so-little investment from the Australian government.

The Australian federal government recently poured $400,000 into their National Team’s training facilities — the Adelaide Super-Drome (not to be confused with the Superdrome in Frisco, TX). The funding paid for a new off-track recovery zone.

Australia nabbed 10 medals during this year’s UCI Track World Championships (6 of them being the Gold variety) and you can bet they are looking to dominate the 2012 Olympics — not to mention this year’s Commonwealth Games.

So what’s it gonna take for USA to make that kind of investment in track cycling?

Original article at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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