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The Breakaway

Lee Ritenour & Greg Mathieson / American Flyers / 1,019 plays

Time for a little treat for the weekend. American Flyers is probably my favorite bike racing movie. I mean I love Breaking Away just as much as the next guy but this year I’ve been watching Am Flyers a lot and I’m really beginning to appreciate just how awesome it is. It really gets me hyped a few days before a race… Especially cuz of the score by Lee Ritenour and Greg Mathieson. I’ve been trying to get a copy of the score for a long time now and earlier this week I scored! I happened upon a mint condition LP of the soundtrack while digging through the crates at Record Surplus for $2.50!

You’ll be hearing some more of this soundtrack next week as a part of something that my friend Chriz G and I are putting together. For now, hit play on the embedded MP3 above to hear one of the tracks that really gets me into it. Right around 3:15 is where it really takes off. Disclaimer: this is recorded straight off my vinyl copy so don’t be alarmed by the record crackle.

Download the complete American Flyers soundtrack at Totally Radical Awesome 80s Soundtracks.

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