Sunday Cinema:


Today I’ll be down at San Diego Velodrome racing for the San Diego Cup. But when I get back home I’m gonna sit back and relax and probably hit play on this movie. It’s about a contract killer (William H. Macy) going through mid-life crisis.

I’ve not seen the entire thing yet. Just bits and pieces here and there — the non-linear timeline didn’t ruin much for me — and I was immediately attracted to its stark, muted style and dialog that plays out like David Mamet on dopamine. I’m excited to see this movie in its entirety. Definitely has a big promising cast and it just seems like one of those flicks that was just too emotionally complex (i.e. not dumb enough) for any major studio to take on with marketing. One of those hidden gems that just gets lost in the noise. So give it a shot. Hit play. Enjoy.

Have you guessed the theme of this month’s Sunday Cinemas yet?

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