And now the thrilling conclusing to one of the most dramatic match-ups in track sprinting history…

1982 World Championships — Pro Sprint Final

Koichi Nakano (Japan) vs. Gordon Singleton (Canada) — Round 2

See the first round here and the second round here.

Gordon Singleton recently recounted the entire event in a thread on Fixed Gear Fever. So here’s his side of the story in his own words (thanks to Chris Reed for the tip)…

«  Just to clarify the chain of events that happened back in ‘82.

The first race Nakano was DQ’ed [disqualified]. We both crashed. I separated my left shoulder, put it back into place. We waited approx. 1/2 hr for what should have been the 2nd ride.

Just as we were putting our legs over the handle bars for the second ride there was an announcement the the first race had been anulled (no verdict).

This was unprecedented in UCI competition.

The whistle blew and off we go into the second ride, which is now the first because the real first was anulled.

What should have happened was for me to get back off my bike and launch an appeal. Secondly, the other situation that should have happened. If they didn’t feel that Nakano had done any wrong after the DQ. Then they should have awarded him the first ride, not the DQ.

But here we go off on the first/second ride.

It’s all sort of like instant replay in the NFL. If you don’t throw your flag before the beginning of the next play then thats it!!!

I win the second ride hands down, which should be 2-0. But I’m only up one.

In the final ride, whether he did or I did or whatever. When I crashed I separated my shoulder again, but real good this time. Plus I had no skin left on my back. So I chose not to come up for the 3rd and final ride as I felt I would have lost for sure and we were still in appeal with the decision of that last race.

So there you have it.  »

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