Intro To Track Racers Race LA Velo

Congrats to the riders from our Intro To Track Racing class who tore up the wooden planks at LA Velodrome's Upgrade Race today. Tim (left), Sammy (center), Hernan (right) and Dan (unpictured) came down to take the certification course and raced all day long. They all had a great time riding on such a gorgeous track.

Hern really killed on his Cinelli Mash frame with my Cane Creek wheels that he borrowed — he took second place in the Cat 5 Omnium and really made that Mash kit look awesome on the track.

Beaver came down to snap some pictures while Rob enjoyed the races from the stands.

Of course Junu (center) and I (right) raced in the Cat 4 field. The Pasadena Athletic Association/Remax team is developing a killer track team, especially with their two newest members: Tim, a great sprinter from our Intro To Track Racing class and my friend Chris Reed (left).

By the end of the day, everyone was worked… especially me!

Official results will be posted soon. See more pics at Beaver’s Flickr.

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