Midsummer T-Shirt Round-Up

When I’m not in the jersey, I’m usually a t-shirt-and-jeans kinda guy. Admittedly, I go a little bit crazy for bike-themed tees. If I see one, I get it. Now my drawers are full of cycling-related shirts and it kind of makes me feel like a bit of a bike geek… probably because I am a bike geek.

Here’s the latest round of t-shirts that have come out around the world and made it onto my wish list…

Very classy tee (as classy as a t-shirt gets anyway) from Ohio framebuilder Stanridge Speed featuring Adam’s “ghost rider” headbadge design. Support independent framebuilders — twenty bucks and it’s yours! Get one here.

A new t-shirt from Toro Quality Goods. Not the lowest price tag but when they say “quality goods” that’s what you can expect. This tee should be able to withstand years of abuse. Get yours for $25 here.

Cantgoslo's new fitted t-shirts are available in these three colors and feature their iconic shield logo. Twenty quid each and available here. Also check out their new coach jacket.

Andey at Flwrider just unleashed this tee on Monday and everyone’s been all about it. At ten bucks including shipping, it’s probably the best deal on the net (or off the net for that matter)! I’ve already ordered one. Have you? Get it here.

And when the weather starts to get colder (which won’t be for a while here in Los Angeles), I’ll definitely want to layer up with one of these hoodies from Domestique. They aren’t available just yet but as soon as they come out, you can snatch one here.

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