Pure Love — Mower Gang vs. Abandoned Dorais Velodrome

Mower Gang is a great DIY community collective whose goal is to reinvigorate abandoned and forgotten parks in the Detroit area. Armed with weedwhackers, lawnmowers and a whole lotta heart, they tackle the overgrowth and litter that have taken over some of Detroit’s unkempt playgrounds to help provide a place for children to play.

Yesterday Mower Gang visited the Dorais Velodrome, which has been abandoned for over 20 years. The outdoor concrete track is cracked with some serious weeds and bushes taking it over. As you can see, with just three volunteers and one day of work, Mower Gang made a huge difference.



This is a very inspiring effort and goes to show that almost anything is possible if you’ve got just a small group of people with the “make it happen” ethos. What’s next for the Dorais Velodrome? Mower Gang definitely make it clear that their focus is to restore playgrounds for children since they aren’t physically capable of doing that kind of work. The folks who will be using this velodrome are active adults so its fate lies in the hands of Detroit’s cycling community. Mower Gang can only show you the door, you’re the one who has to walk ride through it.

So let’s see what you got, Detroit!

A huge salute and standing ovation goes out to Mower Gang. Not just for this effort but for all their endeavors in community restoration. Their next group mow is scheduled for August 28th at Riverside Park. Check out their website if you are interested in joining them (and I know you are).

See more photos at Norbert’s Flickr.

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