Boikzmoind Premiere (Bristol, UK) » Free outdoor screening in Millenium Square for the new film on Britsol’s fixed gear culture.

Encino Six Hour Race (Encino Velodrome) » No, not a race for six hours straight… But there will be Sprints, Omniums and Madison events from noon to 6pm. Don’t miss it!

San Diego Velodrome Upgrade Race (San Diego Velodrome) » The second installment in SDV’s new USAC-sanctioned upgrade series.


Summer End Grand Prix (Ontario, CA) » Summer is over already? I feel like mine is just getting started. Either way, the grand finale to Pacific Sunset Velo’s season of crit races won’t be any less exciting.

Sunday Night Racing (Chicago Velo Campus) » What better way to celebrate Chicago’s brand new velodrome then to race on it?


All City Championship (Minneapolis, MN) » Bike Jerks brings a weekend full of alleycats, street sprints and parties.

Peace Coffee Two Day Grind (National Sports Center Velodrome) » Six-day style racing for two days in Minneapolis.

UCI Juniors Track World Championships (Moscow, Russa) » The fastest kids in the world have been breaking records all week. Racing continues through Sunday.

US Grand Prix Of Sprinting (Colorado Springs, CO) » Sprinters from around the world converge on US soil to race for Olympic qualification points.

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  1. fishloveproductions said: I’m gonna be at the US Grand Prix of Sprinting! As well as racing a couple days after that!
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