Velodrome Portraits by Beaver

Last night was the prep night for our new Wednesday night Intro To Track Racing class at Encino Velodrome and it was a blast. We had a huge turnout with most of our riders from the June test-run of the course returning for more night-time racing and a bunch of new riders looking to learn and practice. Some folks also showed up just to watch from the stands and enjoy some delicious BBQ.

Beaver was celebrating his birthday and had gotten himself a nice new camera. He was taking some real sexy shots of our riders and here they are…



Henry was also celebrating his birthday which was on Tuesday.

Ryan Barrett.

Ace Boogie!

Jeremy — he’s straight edge.

Tony Z!!!!
Tony Zaldua showing us his “cartoon face”.

Jared and Matt Prell
Matt (right) completely psyched to be next to the legendary Jared Thayn (left).

Beaver’s awesome mom made a surprise visit to be his birthday cheerleader.

Great photos, Beaver! See more of his photos from last night on Flickr.

Less than a week before the official start of the six-week Intro To Track Racing class. Space is limited so if you haven’t pre-registered yet, you’d better get on it (Encino Velodrome’s Beginner Class or prior track experience is a PREREQUISITE)!

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