Pat McQuaid interviewed by Canadian Cyclist

This is the first in a five-part interview with the president of Union Cycliste International, the body that sets the rules for bike racing, the international calendars, coordinates the biological passport program and anti-doping standards with WADA, and works with the IOC on cycling in the Olympics. In this part, he talks about the overall state of the sport of cycling including where how successful track racing is right now.

He also chats a little bit about doping (a subject I rarely go into on RTBL). He pretty much hits the nail on the head: “I don’t think any sport can be a hundred percent clean… Once you get to the professional level money comes in, then a lot of those values go out the window.” While that may seem kinda cynical to some, he definitely makes it clear that UCI and WADA are making considerable advances in keeping the sport clean.

This is a great interview and I look forward to watching the rest of the series.

Found on Canadian Cyclist.

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