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Intro To Track Racing @ Encino Velodrome

Encino Velodrome volunteer Jared Thayn has been collaborating with yours truly on creating a course to help new riders get used to the strategies and rules of different track racing events. For the past 6 months we’ve been running the program and tweaking the curriculum and now we’re finally ready to make it legit!

Intro To Track Racing" is a six-week course where each week we focus on a different type of race (pursuit, points race, match sprint, etc). The program is perfect for riders who are relatively new to the track and want to become more comfortable in racing situations as well as more experienced racers who want the practice. Most of all, it’s just fun. When we ran the program in June, we had a full field and every rider had a great time (most of them will be back for this round too).

All six sessions will be on Wednesday nights from 7:30pm to 10:30pm starting on August 11th. It’s $60 for the full course. Space is limited so please pre-register — hit the Paypal button below and bring your receipt to the first session.

New riders must complete the Encino Velodrome Beginner’s Class prior to taking this course (there’s a Beginner’s Class being held on Saturday, July 24th). If you’ve ridden on the track before, you might want to stop by on Aug 4th at 7:30pm for a little prep/evaluation session to determine rider skill levels — nothing serious, just some fun races and such.

For more info contact me or Jared Thayn. Hit the Paypal button to pre-register. For the record, all the money goes directly to Encino Velodrome and none of it goes into our pockets.

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