125 Jahre Diamant - Huebner’s Story

[Photo from Tomity]

Martin from Ertzui Film just left a comment on my post for 125 Jahre Diamant — a beautiful German documentary celebrating 125 years of Diamant bicycles — and I had to post it up. In one part of the documentary, Michael Huebner tells a story in German but there are no subtitles (I commented on how I still have much admiration for his story even though I can’t understand it). Here’s Martin’s summary of Huebner’s story…

« The story Michael Huebner is telling right after his trackstand is about the time when he was racing Keirin in Japan. The officials made him ride NJS material [and] of course and he said to them: “Do you really want me to !zackkkk! ride this?” …He was breaking their stems just buy pulling on them. That’s why he was allowed to ride this famous and rare “Bierhahn - Vorbau" (beer faucet stem). It weighed about a ton but was stiff enough to not break under his power.

That’s why they called him the “Beast of the East”. He even rode jerseys saying on the back “Too fast for you”.

He’s classic! We’ve also had him in Fixed City. »

Thanks for sharing, Martin!

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