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What a night! The Orange 20 Track Cup was a total success. Lots of racers came out and the Encino Velodrome bleachers were full of spectators having a good time. While we still have a couple little kinks to iron out in the program, everything went smoothly and each race was just as exciting as the next.

The prizes were awesome thanks to Orange 20 Bikes and our other sponsors who are very generous to support the Summer Race Series. The top three racers in each field took away some very bling prizes — but they certainly earned it for some great racing.

The C-Class Omnium was won by Angel Dubon [Coco’s Variety] who has been taking the Intro To Track Racing class at Encino Velodrome all year. He is becoming a very sneaky racer, always waiting for the last minute to make his move. Watch out for this kid! Robert Pacheco [The Juice] and Matt Locascio [Chain Gang] came in 2nd and 3rd respectively. C-Class podium winners went home with medals and some Orange 20 tees.

Fabian Vasquez [Sho Air] outpowered the competition in the B-Class Omnium. Fabian is kinda new to the velodrome but he’s no stranger to riding fast and that’s just what he did to earn this victory. Hernan Montenegro [The Juice] came in 2nd place and Aaron Palmer [Chain Gang] took 3rd. They all went home with medals and Izumi chains.

It was a clean sweep in the A-Class omnium for Daniel Kosykh [Encino Velo] who won all three events on his new slime-green Serenity bike. Chris Reed [PAA Remax] took 2nd place on the podium and Tim McGee [Predator Cycling] came in 3rd. They all left with medals some fancy cogs from Euro-Asia Imports.

But that’s not all that Tim McGee took home. He also won a set of brand spanking new Phil Wood hubs for winning 1st place in the Sprint Tournament. Richard Kim [Herbalife La Grange] lost to Tim in the final round but he still came out of it with a nice Blackburn pump and some Phil Wood products. Finally, an Adidas sweatshirt went to CJ Williams [Predator Cycling] who took 3rd in the Sprint Tournament.

Congratulations to the winners and to all the racers who rode their arses off. Thanks to the spectators who came to watch and cheer everyone on. And a huge special thanks goes out to Jack, Kenny, Geobbe, Hern, Omar, Aram and Ty who all made this night possible. Now we’re super excited for the next night in the Summer Race Series

Check out the FULL RACE RESULTS.

Photos taken by Ace Boogie — see more shots at Trafik Pictures.

Next up: Golden Saddle Grand Prix on August 10th.

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