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Coincidentally, when I lost my Masi 3V track bike last month, I had just bought this frame and was wondering what to do with it. Well — thanks to the douche who ran me off the road just a few blocks from Encino Velodrome — I suddenly had a full track build laying around waiting for a frame.

La Resistenza has been around the net a little bit. I think Ryan Macintosh was the one to bring it into the U.S. after buying it off a racer in Berlin. While he loved the frame, he just wasn’t sure how to build it up so he flipped it on Fixed Gear Fever. A year later and the frame turns up on Ebay so I grab it to match my Chesini road bike.

Saturday was my first day riding the new steed — I raced it at the LAVRA Upgrade Race — and it feels awesome to be back on a handmade Italian track bike (even if this one isn’t steel).

Race photo taken by Pat Benson.

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