Bob Hansing Memorial Cup Results

Kit Karzen

Last Saturday’s race at Encino VelodromeAttack Of The Track People — was a lot of fun and made a great finale to this year’s Bob Hansing Memorial Cup Series. We had a lot of people show up (at least for the second session) including a few heavy hitters like Kit Karzen and Cody O’Reilly. Each category of racers competed in three races (Match Sprint, Points Race and Scratch Race). Their placings in each race earned them points for the overall omnium position. On top of that, each of the four Bob Hansing Memorial Cup omniums is scored cumulatively to determine who wins the overall series. Series trophies are also awarded for Best Endurance Rider, Best Sprinter and Most Aggressive. Read on to see how it went down on Saturday.

The first session had a light turnout with the biggest field being 5 deep. Nick Rakauskas (Encino Velo) won the Juniors 12 & Under omnium and took the trophy home for the series leader. Scott Cohen (Encino Velo) won the Juniors 13-16 omnium and also took the series title. Anthony Gianatasio (Herbalife La Grange)won the Masters 40+ omnium but Richard Kim (Herbalife LaGrange) — who did not compete on Saturday — already clinched victory for the series. Shane Ellis (Hammer Nutrition) won the 2-person omnium over her teammate CJ Boyenger and also sealed the deal for the series title.

Kit Karzen

The second session definitely had more people showing up both to spectate and to compete. Alfred Nash put together a great surf playlist for the Attack Of The Track People theme. After the Flying 200’s and a couple of just-for-ribbons Keirin races, the omniums started.

The Cat 5 field was full of riders who’ve been attending our Wednesday night track racing class like Tim McGee who won the Match Sprint and got third place in the omnium and Zach Scott (UCLA) who earned the Best Endurance Rider trophy for the series. The omnium and series title went to James Downs (Ritte).

I was riding in the Cat 3-4 field and I didn’t place well (I should probably spend more time riding and less time blogging) but I had fun. Especially when my pal Christopher Reed (South Bay Wheelmen) and I took an ambitious breakaway off the start of the 16-lap Scratch Race. It’s antics like that which earned Reed the Most Aggressive trophy for the series. Alexander Walters (Encino Velo) and Ryan Barrett (Pasadena Athletic Assocation) were neck and neck for each race but Walters was just a little bit faster. He won the omnium and took the series trophy. Barrett still went home with the Best Sprinter series trophy (and a 2nd place medal plus prizes for the omnium).

Jack Lindquist

The Cat 1-2-3 field was very fun to watch with National Champion Cody O’Reilly (Bissell) riding circles around everyone else (literally). He lapped the field twice during the 60-lap Points Race and I think he would have kept on lapping them again and again if the lap cards never reached zero. O’Reilly won all three races and the omnium. Jack Lindquist (Ritte) came in second place in the omnium but he had earned enough points from earlier in the season to win the series trophy.

Thus the 2010 Bob Hansing Memorial Cup comes to a close. It was a really cool series and I look forward to next year. But first must come Encino Velodrome's Far West Champs.

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