The Battle Of The Stand-Stills Trailer

This looks like an interesting short film project from Alexander Stewart. It was inspired by one of my favorite race videos so I’m pretty curious to see the finished product. Here’s what Stewart says about it:

"In footage from a 1990 World Championship sprint race, two riders try and hold their bikes in place on the track as long as they possibly can. A second race between two contemporary riders shadows the original race, and a decayed velodrome overlaps with the memory of the stand-still.

The Battle Of The Stand-Stills (16:00, 2010) is part documentary, part structural film, and part found-footage film. As three racing locations and times intersect, images from earlier races are recalled by an announcer’s narration of an invisible race.”

The full short will premier at the International Festival of Experimental Film & Video in Zagreb, Croatia this September.

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