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The first night of the Summer Race Series at Encino Velodrome went really well. We had a bit of a late start (thanks to me) but each event went smoothly once we got everyone registered. Personally, I usually find time trials sessions to be pretty tedious but the H&S Time Trials Night was actually pretty fun. We had good vibes and great company on the infield and in the stands. Of course cheering on the riders while they’re deep in their efforts never gets old.

It was a nice turnout with about 50 or 60 riders and spectators. Thanks to everyone who showed up and rode their hearts out. Also a huge thanks to everyone who helped out (you know who you are) and to H&S Bicycles for sponsoring the night.

For prizes, there were nearly twenty mystery grab bags that went to the fastest times in each event. I hid a one hundred dollar bill in one of those bags and after each event, the winners each picked a bag at random. So who won the hundred-dollar cash prize? Well it didn’t last very long. After winning the first event of the night — the Women’s Flying 200 — Megan Dean of Moth Attack randomly picked out the hundred-dollar prize bag. Congrats, Megan!

Check out the FULL RESULTS.

Photos taken by Samson Hatae.

Next in the Summer Race Series: Orange 20 Track Cup on July 27th.

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