In RideItLikeYouStoleIt's latest race video, we get to see a "Slow Race" at Marymoor Velodrome's Friday Night Racing. This is one of my favorite races on informal track days… because it’s fun and because it’s slow.

There are a few variations. You could run a basic Slow Race from the pursuit line to the finish line (or an entire lap). Riders get eliminated if they put a foot down, grab the rail, ride off the track surface or fall. The last rider to cross the finish line wins. This basically becomes a trackstanding contest and it can be long if you got two riders who are really good at it.

In that case, you could run a timed Slow Race. Riders have a set amount of time to complete a lap (three to five minutes). The same elimination rules apply and riders can’t cross the finish line until the clock reaches zero. After the time is up a whistle blows and the first rider across the line wins. The race in this video is the same except with an entire sprint lap after the clock runs down (which lowers the chance of a too-close-to-call finish).

Any way you run it, the Slow Race is a fun race to throw which everyone can participate in. Give it a shot at your next track session.

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