2010 Tour De France Round-Up

» ILoveDust did the piece above and also demystifies The Tour in a graphic posted on Trackosaurus Rex.

» Coach Chris Carmichael’s TdF preview on Pez Cycling.

» Follow Michael Good’s awesome ongoing coverage of The Tour on Domestique.

» Ten questions about the 2010 Tour De France are answered on Pavé.

» Join the second annual Fantasy Tour De France Competition on Hipster Nascar.

» Matt Rossman’s guide to training like a TdF racer on VeloNews.

» A few essential videos and links for the 2010 Tour posted up on BikeBlogNYC.

» The complete 2010 TdF race roster up on Bicycle.net.

» Which of these hilarious predicted news stories will come true during the Tour on Bikezilla?

» For your convenience and lulz, a handy TdF glossary is posted on Racejunkie.

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