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The general consensus is that everyone had a great time last night at Encino Velodrome's practice omnium & BBQ. This was the final night of our 4-week track racing course which I’ve been developing with Jared.

Thanks to everyone who came and raced and to all the spectators who made it fun. A huge thanks goes to the shops who donated prizes: Predator Cycling, Velo Cult, LA Brakeless and Faction Cycling. We had enough prizes so that everyone got something AND we got to give away primes for the points races! Also a massive thanks and round of applause from everyone to Encino volunteer Jared Thayn for making it all possible.

We will be running this course again soon so stay tuned for details. I will let you know as soon as I can and hopefully we’ll be able to take pre-registrations and reserve a spot for you in the course.

In the meantime, everyone who completed this last run of the course should make plans to compete in Bob Hansing Memorial Cup #4 - Attack Of The Track People coming up on July 10th.

See more photos from last night here c/o Samson Hatae.

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