I pretty much missed the entire Fast Forward event at Encino Velodrome on Saturday. I was racing down at LA Velodrome and only made it up to Encino as the main race was coming to an end. Jack Lindquist won (aren’t you glad I told you about it last week?).

From what I could tell, it was a rad event and everyone says it went down smoothly. Big thanks to Andrew from Ride After Dark for filming it (he makes some cool t-shirts, check them out).

It was great to see so much activity going on at the velodrome. Tricks on the infield. Races on the track. Kogi BBQ in the parking lot. Mucho gracias to DVSxCadence and the LA organizers for throwing it and to all the peeps who showed up for making it awesome!

See some nice shots from the day up at Ace Boogie’s Flickr.

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