Almost a year ago, we documented a dramatic altercation between two local teams: The Juice and Chain Gang TO. Well, the tension has never died down since that fateful Wednesday night. In fact there are a lot of team rivalries out there and I’m asking all those teams to come and settle it at Encino Velodrome during the RTBL Summer Race Series.

The prestigious and soon-to-be-legendary Team Trophy will be the only overall series award. It will be granted to the club or team that earns the most points over the course of the five-night race seres. Points will be awarded for placing well in races and participation (details HERE). The trophy is being fabricated right now by Warren Holzman at Iron Studios Ltd (thanks to Woody at GSC for hooking that up) and it will be awarded to the winning team on the last night of the Summer Race Sereis (September 7th).

So I’m challenging all teams and clubs out there to bring out your teammates and prove that you are the fastest, the strongest, the biggest and the bestest team IN THE WORLD!

CLICK HERE for more information on how points will be awarded. Don’t forget that the Summer Race Series starts on Wednesday July 6th with the H&S Time Trials Night.

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