Henry Shibata’s crash at the SCNCA Masters Champs

Probably the most dramatic finish from the 2010 SCNCA Masters Championships this past weekend at Encino Velodrome came from the Match Sprint semi-final between Henry Shibata and Leo Pettus. All was well until the final stretch to the finish line when Shibata fishtailed his rear end and lost control of his bike. He made a valiant effort in trying to steer his bike clear of Pettus who was sprinting right next to him but to no avail as his front tire rolled off its rim. Shibata went down and slid into Pettus’ bike, sending him flying towards the finish line. Watch the video to see who wins.

I spent the whole weekend volunteering at the Masters States and it was loads of fun with some great racing to be watched. All competitors put in some excellent efforts and the whole event was very well organized and ran as smoothly as anyone would want it to. I should have another little video up later today so stay tuned.

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