Keirin girls yeah! Okay well I’m not exactly sure how to introduce this so you’re just going to have to watch.

From what I can tell, Love9 is some kind of Keirin/J-pop/cheerleading squad. Maybe to try to keep younger people interested in Keirin racing in Japan? Either way, this video is both hilarious and awesome which is becoming a rare combination these days.

Here’s what Google Translate has to say about Love9’s website:

"In January 2007, began a pipe dream. Japanese-born sport of dreams fresh "KEIRIN" people to impress the general public, the cheerleaders gathered six such holding their feelings, women’s keirin racing dancing singing "LOVE9" was formed .
More spectacular attractions based on the experience in the velodrome, I want to support the sport of bicycle racing and refreshing is the way to the race and drove us so she thought.”

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