Alright, people. Obviously I’ve been offline for the past few weeks. I missed you guys… and maybe some of you missed me too?

But seriously it hasn’t just been a vacation for me. Surprisingly, this blog doesn’t quite pay the bills so I’ve been working pretty hard at my real job. But that doesn’t mean that RTBL has been put on the back burner. No no no…

We’ve been working on some big things here at RTBL and I’m super stoked about what’s coming around the corner. So stay tuned and pretty soon you’ll be glad you did. In the meantime, I’m catching up with the internet and I’ve got loads of stuff to post up over the next few days.

In other news… here’s what happened on the way to the Encino Velodrome last Wednesday evening:

[photo by Beaver Beavs]

I’m saddened and heartbroken to say that my beloved Masi 3Volumetrica track bike had a slight disagreement with a car at the 101 Fwy onramp on Balboa Blvd. The frame is cracked in two places. Luckily I landed squarely on my feet without a scrape or a bruise. I’m just recovering from the emotional damage of losing a one-of-a-kind bike like that. But I’m working on a new build and hope to be back in the pole lane shortly.

Ride safe out there!

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