Pan American Track Champs Results

Travis Smith, Christopher Sellier and Angel Pulgar on the podium for the Men’s Kilo TT.

Results are in from the Pan American Track Championships which took place in Aguascalientes, Mexico last week.

The Colombians definitely ruled the competition, bringing home 17 medals with 7 of them being the Gold variety. They are evidently developing some fine athletes and just might be a country to watch for at the next Worlds.

USA's Team took in 5 Golds and 1 Silver and broke two World Records. Sarah Hammer was definitely the star of the team when she smashed the 3km Individual Pursuit record on the first day and then helped break the Women’s Team Pursuit record the next day. She also won a Gold medal in the Women’s Omnium.

I also want to give a shout out to Canada's Travis Smith for a great performance in the Sprint and the Kilo earning him a Gold and Silver medal in each event respectively.

Aguascalientes Velodrome is definitely proving to be a fast track. Just take a look at those Kilo times! I hope that I get a chance to visit some day…

Below are the podium positions for all the events. I haven’t found any website that has all the results consolidated on one page but if you want to see full results and times for a certain day, click on the DAY (thanks to Canadian Cyclist for posting them).

Women’s 3000m Individual Pursuit
1. Sarah Hammer (USA)
2. Maria Luisa Calle (Colombia)
3. Dalia Rodriguez (Cuba)
Women’s 500m TT
1. Lisandra Guerra (Cuba)
2. Monique Sullivan (Canada)
3. Nancy Contreras (Mexico)
Men’s Team Sprint
1. Colombia (Narvaez, Tamayo, Puerta)
2. Venezuela (Pulgar, Marcano, Canelón)
3. Trinidad & Tobago (Phillips, Kellar, Sellier)
Men’s Points Race
1. Weimar Roldán (Colombia)
2. Jorge Montenegro (Ecuador)
3. José Ramón Aguirre (Mexico)

Women’s Team Pursuit
1. United States (Tamayo, Bausch, Hammer)
2. Cuba (Rodriguez, Dominguez, Gonzalez)
3. Colombia (Calle, Vargas, Muños)
Men’s Keirin
1. Hersony Canelon (Venezuela)
2. Barry Forde (Barbados)
3. Leonardo Narvaez (Colombia)
Men’s Scratch Race
1. Carlos Ospina (Colombia)
2. Cody O’Reilly (USA)
3. Luis Mansilla (Chile)
Women’s Team Sprint
1. Cuba (Gurra, Herrera)
2. Colombia (Garcia, Gaviria)
3. Mexico (Contreras, Gaxiola)
Men’s Individual Pursuit
1. Juan Pablo Suarez (Colombia)
2. Juan Esteban Aranjo (Colombia)
3. Eduardo Sepulveda (Venezuela)

Men’s Kilo TT
1. Christopher Sellier (Trinidad & Tobago)
2. Travis Smith (Canada)
3. Angel Pulgar (Venezuela)
Women’s Scratch Race
1. Yumari Gonzalez (Cuba)
2. Sofia Arreola (Mexico)
3. Paola Muñoz (Chile)
Men’s Team Pursuit
1. Colombia (Suarez, Castro, Roldan, Avila)
2. Chile (Cesario, Seisdedos, Cabrera, Mansilla)
3. Cuba (Sibila, Perez, Carlos, Campanioni)

Men’s Madison
1. Colombia (Ospina, Roldan)
2. Republica Dominicana (Garman, Sanchez)
3. Argentina (Crespo, Ercila)
Women’s Sprint
1. Lisandra Guerra (Cuba)
2. Diana Garcia (Colorado)
3. Daniela Larreal (Venezuela)

Men’s Sprint
1. Travis Smith (Canada)
2. Njisane Phillips (Trinidad & Tobago)
3. Leonardo Narvaez (Colombia)
Women’s Keirin
1. Lisandra Guerra (Cuba)
2. Daniela Lerreal (Venezuela)
3. Diana Garcia (Colombia)
Women’s Points Race
1. Theresa Cliff-Ryan (USA)
2. Lorena Vargas (Colombia)
3. Daniely Garcia (Venezuela)
Women’s Omnium
1. Sarah Hammer (USA)
2. Angie Gonzalez (Venezuela)
3. Maria Luisa Calle (Colombia)
Men’s Omnium
1. Carlos Uran (Colombia)
2. Ruben Campanioni (Cuba)
3. Luis Mansilla (Chile)

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