Encino Velodrome Race Preview — “For A Fist Full Of Handlebars”

[Photo by Gary Se7en]

This Saturday is For A Fist Full Of Handlebars at Encino Velodrome, presented by Orange 20 Bikes. This is the penultimate race day in the 2010 Bob Hansing Memorial Cup Series.

It’s going to be a great day of races. Fun + excitement = funcitement!

Let’s review the series so far…

Hammer Nutrition's Shane Ellis and CJ Boyenger are ruling the women’s field but Vanderkitten's Jennifer Wilson is hungry and ready to pounce. Will she sink her claws into her prey or will the Hammer girls continue to pound it out?

In Masters, John Allen of Velocity is trailing behind Herbalife Lagrange rider Richard Kim by a mere point. This Saturday could be the decider between the two. Will Kim be able to outsprint John Allen and increase his points lead or will Allen’s appetite for neverending torture shoot him into a breakaway lead?

After all, it’s John Allen's incredible endurance that has him leading the Cat 1/2/3 field as well. However Allen was involved in a nasty crash last month during the Cat 1/2/3 Points Race at Gone In 250 Meters. Nothing broken and he was back on the bike within a week but he wasn’t able to finish the Omnium and that gave Jack Lindquist a chance to start catching up in points. If Lindquist rides well (i.e. fast!) this Saturday, he might be able to close in on the series leader.

Encino Velo's juniors are ruling their fields with the top 3 spots in both Junior Categories. James Horvet leads the 12 & Under’s and Daniel Kosykh leads the 13-16’s. However Kosykh’s teammate Scott Cohen is very close behind and could very likely take the lead.

[Ryan Barrett (PAA), a new Cat 3/4 rider to watch out for.
Photo by Pat Benson.]

Well, Kosykh probably isn’t very worried about that since he is leading the Cat 3/4 field by a longshot. This is where he’s focussing his efforts and it shows. I doubt any other contender in the field will be able to close in on Kosykh’s points lead this weekend. What a star! That said, this Saturday won’t be too easy for Daniel with riders in the field like Aram Goganian from Predator Cycles and newcomer Ryan Barrett of Pasadena Athletic Association.

And as usual, the Cat 5 racers have been in and out of the series (or upgrading) so the series title could very well become a perfect attendance award. We’ve still seen some very good racing in Cat 5 so far especially from Encino Velo’s Iain Patterson who took the win during The Fast, The Slow & The Ugly in March and Ritte Racing's James Downs who slaughtered everyone at Gone In 250 Meters. I’m looking forward to seeing some more rookie talent this Saturday.

A Fist Full Of Handlebars — and every BHMC race day at Encino Velodrome — is split into two sessions. Women, Masters and Juniors race the first session at noon. At three in the afternoon is the second session, when the Cat 1/2/3, Cat 3/4 and Cat 5 races are.

Don’t miss this event! Race days under the Southern Cali sun are the best!

See the full results so far at Encino Velodrome.

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