It’s Sunday again. Time to sit down and have a movie night! …cuz what else are you going to do, hang out with your mom?

Stars And Water Carriers

aka Stjernerne og vandbærerne

It’s Giro season so now is as good a time as any to watch this 1974 docu-drama from Jørgen Leth, the diretor of the great Paris-Roubaix movie A Sunday In Hell.

This is an excellent flick with lots of great race footage and legendary racers (Gimondi, Merckx, Ritter, Motta, Moser, etc). What a great era in bicycle racing!

Watch the first ten minutes above or follow this link to see the entire movie in its original Danish language.

Found on Tracko.

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  1. jonxmack said: I watched it last week, it’s amazing.
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