It’s Official - La Ocho for CMCW 2010

I know a lot of people know about this already but now it’s an official release:

Resurrecting the infamous figure-eight velodrome of cycling lore, LA OCHO will open the 18th annual CYCLE MESSENGER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (CMWC). With this addition, the CMWC is truly shaping up to be a world class event at an epic location.

LA OCHO draws its inspiration from a hugely popular Canadian race series held in the late nineties called the Dunhill Alley-Cat Scramble, aka the Human Powered Rollercoaster. The HPR, as it was also known featured a wooden figure-eight track that attracted the fastest messengers from around the globe.

The anomaly, entitled LA OCHO which literally translates as The Eight, is proving to be an attention grabber. Racers will compete in heats of four, jockeying through two days of preliminary racing to accumulate enough victories to lead themselves through to the final day of elimination rounds. Each competitor will be striving to be crowned as the victor of this 200-meter long figure-eight track.

Reviving the exciting spirit of the original, while adding an old-school Guatemalan feel, the LA OCHO track will instead be constructed and run outdoors and on a foundation of dirt and clay rather than wood. Featuring banked turns and a bridge crossing in the middle, the track promises to be fast and challenging for even the most skilled riders.

The Guatemalan Government and Municipal Government of Panajachel have pledged their full support in the effort to construct this ambitious course, inviting the global messenger community to build LA OCHO at their main outdoor stadium, Stadio Municipal de Panajachel. “The courage to rebuild this lost messenger artifact is an impressive tribute to Bicycle Messengers around the world, and is sure to be a heroic display of racing!” proclaims CMWC President NADIR OLIVET.

Make plans now to attend the 18th Annual CYCLE MESSENGER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS and be in Panajachel, Guatemala from September 3rd to 13th, 2010 to catch all the festivities of this year’s adrenaline infused CMWC.

Found on the 2010 CMCW blog.

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