Friday The 13th Alleycat Part 5 (New York, NY) » NYC messenger alleycat race starting from Tompkins Square Park.

Friday The 13th Sprints II (Portland, OR) » Fixed gear and single speed street sprint heats. Feeling lucky?

New York Bike Dreams Photo Presentation (New York, NY) » Tak will be presenting a bunch of his photos of the New York messenger culture at the Apple Store in SoHo.

Red Hook Crit Photography Exhibition (Brooklyn, NY) » Okay there’s officially too much stuff to do in New York.

Zipp Need For Speed Sprint Tournament (Dick Lane Velodrome) » Match Sprints all night to warm you up for Saturday’s Keirin tourney.


Brooklyn Bike Jumble (Brooklyn, NY) » Find that vintage Cinelli stem that you’ve been looking for.

Dolores Park Bike Swap (San Francisco, CA) » Find that vintage Campy crank that you’ve been looking for.

For A Few Laps More (Encino Velodrome) » The last race in the 2011 Bob Hansing Memorial Cup series. Don’t miss this!

The Keirin (Dick Lane Velodrome) » The inaugural event of the 2011 Pro Race Series at East Point’s DLV presented by Waypoint Systems. Don’t miss this!

Valleycat 5 (Eau Claire, WI) » Alleycat race and scavenger hunt followed by a major afterparty.


Bike Bakersfield Downtown Criterium (Bakersfield, CA) » A full day of crit racing in beautiful downtown Bakersfield.

Courier Cross (Washington, DC) » A cyclocross-inspired alleycat race through streets, trails, parks and other stuff in DC and VA.

Michael Seacrest 100 Mile Record Attempt (HDC Velodrome) » America’s icon of endurance riding is going for the World Record. That’s almost 650 laps!

Mid Season Criterium (Ontario, CA) » Pacific Sunset Velo continuing their excellent series of crit races in Ontario.


Bicycle Film Festival (Sacramento, CA) » Look out for bike film screenings, rides, goldsprints, races and parties all weekend long in Sacto.

Cascadia Classic (Burnaby Velodrome) » Racing all weekend long at this indoor velodrome in British Columbia.

Death Valley Stage Race (Big Pine, CA) » Two days of racing in Death Valley. Sounds like a bit much to be perfectly honest.

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