Encino Velodrome - Gone In 250 Meters Results

Chris Bennett followed by Collin Berry, Jack Lindquist and Ben Stern.
Photo by Pat Benson.

Results were posted for the races at Encino Velodrome last Saturday. Despite the crash during the Cat 1/2/3 Points Race, it was a great race day full of good vibes and fast riding under the SoCali sun (see some video here).

During the first session, Encino Velo's kids dominated the Junior Categories with Scott Cohen and James Horvet both winning in their age groups. The Hammer Nutrition girls continued their reign of terror over the Womens category with Shane Ellis and CJ Boyenger taking 1st and 2nd respectively. Richard Kim of Herbalife LaGrange won the Masters 40+ taking the lead in the Bob Hansing Memorial Cup series standings.

The Cat 1/2/3 Omnium in the second session was marred by a bad crash which sent three riders to the hospital. Only three riders were left in the category for the Scratch Race and Match Sprints. The gold went to Ben Stern (Team Roaring Mouse) who came down from San Jose to qualify for the American Velodrome Challenge.

Daniel Kosykh (Encino Velo) won the Cat 3/4 Omnium even after grabbing 3rd place in the Juniors 13-16 earlier in the day. James Down (Ritte) won the Cat 5 Omnium and I’m guessing he won’t be a fiver for much longer.

The next race in the 2010 Bob Hansing Memorial Cup is May 15th. Be there.

Gone In 250 Meters Results 2010 BHMC Series Standings

Cat 1/2/3
1 Ben Stern (Team Roaring Mouse)1 John Allen (Velocity) - 10 pts
2 Christopher Bennett (Aqua Al2/SDBC)2 Ben Stern (Team Roaring Mouse) - 8 pts
3 Jack Lindquist3 Jack Lindquist - 7 pts

Cat 3/4
1 Daniel Kosykh (Encino Velo)1 Daniel Kosykh (Encino Velo) - 14 pts
2 Aram Goganian (Predator)2 Alexander Walters (Encino Velo) - 8 pts
3 Keith Grine (EVCC)3 Aram Goganian (Predator) - 6 pts

Cat 5
1 James Downs (Ritte)1 James Downs (Ritte) - 8 pts
2 David Cranston (Herbalife LaGrange)2 James Downs (Ritte) - 8 pts
3 Junu Kang (PAA)3 David Cranston (Herbalife LaGrange) - 6 pts

1 Shane Ellis (Hammer Nutrition)1 Shane Ellis (Hammer Nutrition) - 16 pts
2 CJ Boyenger (Hammer Nutrition)2 CJ Boyenger (Hammer Nutrition) - 12 pts
3 Jennifer Wilson (Vanderkitten)3 Jennifer Wilson (Vanderkitten) - 8 pts

Masters 40+
1 Richard Kim (Herbalife LaGrange)1 Richard Kim (Herbalife LaGrange) - 11 pts
2 John Allen (Velocity)2 John Allen (Velocity) - 10 pts
3 Anthony Gianataso3 John Walsh (Amgen UBS) - 8 pts

Juniors 13-16
1 Scott Cohen (Encino Velo)1 Daniel Kosykh (Encino Velo) - 12 pts
2 Jordan Zhdanov (Encino Velo)2 Scott Cohen (Encino Velo) - 11 pts
3 Daniel Kosykh (Encino Velo)3 Bobby Unverzagt (SBW) - 7 pts

Juniors 12 & Under
1 James Horvet (Encino Velo)1 James Horvet (Encino Velo) - 12 pts
2 Jacob Horvet (Encino Velo)2 Jacob Horvet (Encino Velo) - 9 pts
3 Nick Rakauskas (Encino Velo)3 Nick Rakauskas (Encino Velo) - 8 pts

See complete results at Encino Velodrome.

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