I love this video because it reminds me of this video. Donhou Bicycles recently designed their 100mphbike and they are looking to do the ton.

For the record, motorpaced experiments in speed were first championed by Mile-A-Minute Murphy, a six day racer who exceeded 60 mph by pacing a train in 1899 (he laid plywood boards between the tracks). Years later, the first bike racer to do the ton was Frank Bartell in 1935. He and his pace car hit 100 mph just before winding down from a minute-long effort which averaged out to 80.5 mph. The current motor-paced speed record stands at 167 mph and was set by Fred Rompelberg in 1985.

Still, this Donhou project looks amazing and I can’t wait to see the promised full-length doc. For details on the beautiful Donhou 100mphbike, click HERE.
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