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Our pal Christopher Robin — who built the Obree tribute Paragon bike a couple years ago — recently sent me some details about his latest build project: a motorized derny bike!

"As I’m into both bike and motorcycles," Chris says, "I thought the perfect mix must be to build a Derny moped." He started out with an old Swedish postman’s bike and the finished result is pretty damn awesome. I love these homebrew projects and I hope to see some footage of this bike in action soon.

Here are the build details:

Frame: Old Swedish postmans bike with loads of modifications
Tank: Homebuilt carbon fiber thing
Handlebar: Nitto
Grips: ODI long necks
Brake Levers: Some retro motorcycle things
Throttle: Magura
Engine: 70cc Puch Maxi e50 motor with kickstart, 21mm carb
Pedal Drivetrain: 72t chainring with cranks from a kids bike and MKS pedals
Saddle: San Marco Rolls
Rear Wheel: Continental Tour Ride tires on 26” Westwood rim laced to a drum braked Puch Maxi moped hub for pedal start
Front Wheel: Continental Tour Ride tires on 24” Westwood rim laced to a drum braked Sachs hub

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