Get Your 2011 ATRA Season Guide » Enter your info to receive a free pamphlet on the American Track Racing Association’s 2011 season including profiles of velodromes around the country and a schedule of major upcoming track races.

The Dick Lane Velodrome Learning Center » A brand new section on the DLV site includes some great articles about track racing and training.

Track Cycling Events Sold Out For London 2012 Olympics » Gonna have to find a scalper…

Britain’s Track Team Turns To BMX’er For Sprint Woes » Who’s the rider expected to round out GB’s Team Sprint?

Friday Preseason Racing At Marymoor Velodrome » Kicks off this Friday May 7th 6th and continues all month.

Friday Night Racing At San Diego Velodrome » Racing for D-category riders. If you want to get into SD Velodrome’s famous Tuesday Night Racing, you need to start with Friday Nights.

Monday And Tuesday Night Training At Ed Rudolph Velodrome » Starts tonight in Northbrook, IL.

Kenosha Velodrome Racing Season » Scheduled to begin on May 17th with races every Tuesday.

Pan Am Peeps » Alfred Nash III — the track guru that he is — compiled a great list of folks on Twitter who are covering the Pan American Track Cycling Championships. Check it out because this is some of the only coverage available for this event which is happening all week.

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