I’ve been hyped on this upcoming documentary for a while now. Can’t wait to check it out. Seems to be the all-encompassing fixed gear film. Here’s what the filmmakers have to say about it:

« Fixation is a true life documentary focusing on the thrilling world of single speed cycling. Shot over the course of 12 weeks, Fixation captures, for the first time, the excitement and popularity of this growing sport from all perspectives. With the resurgence of single speed bikes we discover the appeal to having only one gear. Single speeds are the original form of bicycles but technology has come so far, providing multiple speeds for faster and easier riding, yet single speeds, fixed and freewheel continue to have a strong following. The range of riders is vast, from professionals to the casual everyday rider. Their styles and motives are different but the outcome still seems to be the same, the freedom, simplicity and the challenge of having one gear is what brings them back to the basics. We will explore the full spectrum of the lifestyle: Messengers, Olympic Racing, City Riders, Bike Polo, Brakeless, Freestyle and more. Discover the passion, freedom and excitement behind only having one gear… »

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