If you read this blog chances are you have some kind of love for track racing. So here’s your chance to let everybody know what track cycling is really about –- and why it’s so awesome.

Margo Weathers of Supply And Demand is working on a documentary about the track cycling scene on the local level, national level and international level. This FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Margo will be talking to track cyclists in the Los Angeles area and anyone who’s got a passion for track culture. There will be short video interviews and portraits (plus I hear there’s free food!) so if you want to represent then please come by. You’ll get a copy of the portrait for your own use and a chance to be called back for more participation in the film.

She’s looking for the most driven, aggressive and determined cyclists who’ve got something to say and I know that includes each and every one of you. Contact Margo Weathers at and set up an appointment. Remember, the interviews will be FRIDAY (tomorrow) and SATURDAY in Los Angeles so don’t hesitate! Sorry for the last minute notice!

[Photo taken by Beaver Beavs]

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