Okay it’s been a busy week without much time to sit down at the computer and blog my life away. I’ve got a lot to catch up on. First on the list is the inaugural race for Encino Velodrome's 50th season — Black Line Fever.

The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold, which made for a great day at the velodrome. Race director and announcer Alfred Nash had a great program of events including Points Races, Match Sprints, Miss N Outs, Win N Outs and even a Slow Race. Alfred definitely knows how to put on a fun and exciting race event. You rock, dude!

Some of the fields were a little on the thin side with a lot of the usual suspects absent. There were only three racers in the Men’s Cat 1/2 and Cathy Keeley (Herbalife La Grange) pick up an easy victory being the only one entered in Women’s Cat 1/2 — she raced with with Masters 45+ field just to make it interesting. On the other hand, the Juniors fields were pretty full with young racers from Connie Cycling and Encino Velo duking it out. The Encino Velo kids took the most podium positions with that home court advantage.

One of Encino Velo’s most promising young talents, Daniel Kosykh handed in an awesome performance, tearing up the Men’s Cat 3/4 field. James Enright (Swami’s Cycling) took second place.

Another great ride came from Michael Weitze (Surf City Cyclery), who won each event of the Masters 45+ Omnium. Everyone else was just trying to hang on during his clean sweep performance.

No doubt the biggest impression was left by Project London rider Kevin Mansker who not only won the Men’s 1/2 Omnium — he also cracked Encino Velodrome’s Flying 200m TT record. Mansker stuck around until after the end of the races to set a new track record of 11.18 seconds. Now that’s fast! In fact the only ting Kevin wasn’t so great at was riding slow — he lost the Slow Race to Jack Lindquist (Ritte Racing).

I had tons of fun both racing and watching and I can’t wait for the next race in the Bob Hansing Memorial Cup at the end of the month. So without further ado, here’s a short video from Pat Benson followed by the podium results…

Youth 12 & Under
1. Weston Giem (unattached)
2. Jacob Horvet (Encino Velo)
3. Willianna De Leon (Encino Velo)

Juniors 13 - 16
1. Jordan Zhdanov (Encino Velo)
2. Edward Horvet (LACBC)
3. Lucas De Leon (Encino Velo)

Men’s Category 5
1. Nathan Koch (unattached)
2. Daniel Gray (Simple Green)
3. Erick Jobey (Conejo Velo)

Women’s Category 3/4
1. Kate Wilson (CPC)
2. Stephanie Hsiest (San Jose Bicycle Club)
3. Megan Dean (Moth Attack)

Women’s Category 1/2
1. Cathy Keeley (Herbalife La Grange)

Masters 45+ Category 3/4
1. Michael Weitze (Surf City)
2. Richard Kim (Herbalife La Grange)
3. Robert Allen (Velo Club)

Men’s Category 3/4
1. Daniel Kosykh (Encino Velo)
2. James Enright (Swami’s Cycling)
3. Tim McGee (Predator Cycling)

Men’s Category 1/2
1. Kevin Mansker (Project London)
2. Jack Lindquist (Ritte Van Vlaanderen)
3. Anthony Gianatasio (Herbalife La Grange)

See full race results here.

All photos and video taken by Pat Benson. See more on Flickr.

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