WORLD CHAMPS - Day 5 Results

Men’s Kilo TT
Stefan Nimke laid down a Kilo in just over a minute. Considering how slow this track is, he needs to get his ass down to Bolivia and set a new World Record.
1 - Stefan Nimke (Germany)
2 - Teun Mulder (Netherlands)
3 - Francois Pervis (France)

Men’s Madison
Cam Meyer and Leigh Howard — the Australian dream team — held it down and defended their title for another year.
1 - Australia (Leigh Howard, Cameron Meyer)
2 - Czech Republic (Martin Blaha, Jiri Hochmann)
3 - Netherlands (Theo Bos, Peter Schep)

Women’s Omnium
Placing top 5 in five of the six events, Tara Whitten gets to keep her World Champ jersey for another year.
1 - Tara Whitten (Canada)
2 - Sarah Hammer (USA)
3 - Kirsten Wild (Netherlands)

Women’s Keirin
Meares makes it a triple-crown affair after winning an awesome Keirin tourney. Three World Champ titles for her this year! Definitely the star of the show.
1 - Anna Meares (Australia)
2 - Olga Panarina (Belarus)
3 - Clara Sanchez (France)

Find complete results and times at Tissot Timing and check the video highlights from Universal Sports.
Thanks to VeloImages for the photos!

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