WORLD CHAMPS - Day 3 Results

Men’s Points Race
The pace was fast but still Avila Edwin Alcibiades from Colombia was able to take a lap on the field. Not even Cam Meyer could answer to that.
1 - Avila Edwin Alcibiades (Colombia)
2 - Cameron Meyer (Australia)
3 - Morgan Kneisky (France)

Women’s Individual Pursuit
Sarah Hammer played it smart and counted on her Omnium training for a final surge in the last couple of laps to take the win.
1 - Sarah Hammer (USA)
2 - Alison Shanks (New Zealand)
3 - Vilija Sereikaie (Lithuania)

Men’s Sprint
Kenny beat Hoy in the semi-finals and then Bauge made Kenny look like a grandma pushing her walker to the Sunday matinee. Now that’s raw power.
1 - Gregory Bauge (France)
2 - Jason Kenny (Great Britain)
3 - Chris Hoy (Great Britain)

Find the complete results and times at Tissot Timing and see the video highlights from Universal Sports.

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